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Updated: Jan 26, 2018

I was 54 when I started training with Eric; I'd trained on and off for years and had a bit of muscle in places, but had a little pot belly, saggy pecs and love handles. I joined a new gym and I'd see Eric training people and knew right away he knew what he was doing; he was always fully engaged with his clients and the enthusiasm oozed from his every pore; and always the consummate professional. I decided to ask for his help and that turned out to be the best decision I could have made!

We went somewhere quiet and Eric took some 'before' pictures (below left) and we discussed what areas would be best for us to develop; we decided upon chest and shoulders and this was the start of my training journey. Eric knows I did not do 100% on the first progress photo (below right) due to work commitments but even so the transformation in just 6 weeks was amazing. These results were obtained through following his diet and training with him 3 times a week. I couldn't believe the results - almost a full 6 pack and ripped; if I had put in the work exactly what he had told me to I could have competed - at 54 years old! I was hooked, and went from strength to strength.

Eric has been fantastic in every way, not only motivating me with his enthusiastic approach to PT and his own fitness (which is brilliant), but we became friends too. I enjoyed our weekly sessions, looking forward to them even though I knew they would be brutal!!! It doesn't matter who you are - Eric will push you to the extreme to get the best possible results with every session, but you always enjoy it and it soon becomes clear that Eric knows exactly how far he can push without going too far.

He has tremendous knowledge about nutrition and can identify (and teach you to do likewise) every muscle in your body; each session is a fascinating anatomy lesson.

He always gets me trimmed down and looking my best for holidays and special occasions; normally a 6 week preparation phase before I would be going on holiday, or a longer phase when I did the longer Tough Mudder - which I completed easily thanks to Eric’s specialised training routine. My 3 kids who are 28/30/33 still like to go away with me to Ibiza etc. as they say "Dad you are not like other dads at your age" - when I look at our holiday photos I have to say I feel pretty chuffed - I'm the good looking one second from the left with two of my boys either side of me.

Whether you're new to the gym or an advanced trainee I would highly recommend using Eric’s services; I guarantee that if you do as he says, work hard and follow his nutrition schedules you WILL be amazed at the results. But remember, it’s your commitment and dedication with Eric’s support that gets the results; for me he has worked miracles and I know you will feel the same to. To my generation (and older) I say this - he WILL get you results if you think positive, focus on your goals and work hard; if I can do it then so can you!

Everybody’s budgets are different; I just cut down on going out (which helped shed the pounds) and the money I saved payed for Eric’s skills. The results have been great and worth every penny. If all you can afford is once a fortnight you can still book him to show you how to train correctly - chances are that you're like me; I thought I knew what I was doing but when you get expert guidance you soon realise that you've been wasting your time all these years.

To sum up, here's what transforming my body with Eric has done for me:

  1. Confidence in myself. I suffered from really bad acne until I was 40 and would not like taking my top off but now I feel relaxed doing so mainly wearing vests even in the gym never mind on my holidays.

  2. The family can see the difference and my 3 kids are pretty impressed with how I'm looking. It feels good to be setting them a good example.

  3. People you have not seen for a while say "wow, you look great", or strangers say "you don’t look your age" - I think perhaps my age is showing in my face a wee bit, but a fit body makes you look younger and that makes you feel younger.

  4. I'm thoroughly enjoying my hobby training at the gym. Trust me, it feels a lot better once you start getting results!

  5. I am not vain or a big head; just a normal guy who took the right path. I was lucky I chose the gym that had Eric as one of the PT's as it has changed me for the best.


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