Fitness Photoshoots 

Add a professional fitness photo shoot to your training package for just £100

Have you ever looked at images of fitness models and athletes and thought "I'd like to look like that"? We aren't all born with the genetics to become supermodels or elite athletes, but haven't you ever wondered what YOU could achieve if the same time and effort was put into you as is put into 'beautiful people'?

Age is no barrier - this is what I achieved with my 54 year old client Susan after just 6 months of bodybuilding training! Susan tells me that seeing herself like this gave her a huge confidence boost at a time in her life when women start to become 'invisible'.

Old Woman Pullups

Whatever your age, gender or starting condition, a training package with a solid goal at the end of it can provide the extra motivation to stick to the plan and make your dreams come true. I'll be with you every step of the way to keep you on track and ensure that you're using the best possible methods. 

Nothing builds your confidence and self-esteem quite like taking on the challenge of transforming your body through hard training, and then getting to see the results when YOU receive the same kind of professional pre-shoot prep and photo-shoot as the rich and famous.

Girl Training with Personl Trainer

What You Get

Your Training Includes
  • Personalised Training and Diet Plan 
    (The precise nature of your training will depend upon your personal goals, starting point and time available for training).


  • Training and Nutritional Advice

  • One to one coaching

  • Motivation, help and support whenever you need it.

  • Professional 'Peak Week' preparation to get your body into perfect condition for your shoot.

  • Posing practice for bodybuilding shoots.

Your Photo-shoot Includes
  • A 90 Minute Professional Fitness Photo-shoot
    (Normally in a Gym Setting, although it depends on the type of shots you want)

  • Pre-shoot on-line consultation with the photographer to work out exactly what photographs you want.

  • Action, sport or posing shoots - it's your choice!

  • The number of photographs delivered varies, but typically 15 - 20.

  • All images are post processed and delivered to you in high resolution digital format.

  • No restrictive licensing - use the images however you wish.

The Perfect Gift

Why not treat a friend or family member to a complete transformation and a professional photoshoot to record the results of all their hard work? Get in touch and I'll work out a bespoke package that's perfect for them and even provide you with a gift certificate.

Some Of My Client's Photo Shoots

Some of my clients have allowed me to share the end result of their training and photo shoot on my blog. For some of them, photo shoots become the focus of their training - a reason to keep working hard to improve their physique; for others it's a way of tracking progress between bodybuilding competitions. 

Get in touch if you want me to get YOU into the best shape of your life and organise YOUR professional fitness photo shoot.