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I am passionate about helping people to build strong, functional bodies that look amazing. Whether your goal is to get in great shape for a special occasion, enter a bodybuilding contest, prepare for a sporting event or simply transform yourself to be truly awesome, then I want to meet you!

I'll start by creating a tailored workout program that will take you step by step from where you are now to where you want to be. Choosing the perfect set of exercises is the tip of the iceberg - the key to success is learning to do those exercises correctly, and that's where most people go wrong. Using my expertise in biomechanics I teach my clients to perform each technique with perfect form, ensuring the best possible results and avoiding injury.

Girl with PT - Single Arm Row

The second stage is to match your diet to your training. I provide all of my clients with nutritional advice; I find that even people that aren't looking to drop fat levels benefit from this. You'd be amazed at how much more energy and zest for life you have when you get your diet just right. 

The final ingredient is motivation. I will become your best mate - the one who listens to your needs, gives advice, celebrates even the smallest successes but also provides constructive criticism when it's needed. I'll make sure you give 100% at every training session, pushing you out of your comfort zone and proving to you that you are capable of so much more than you ever dreamed possible.

I'll provide the round-the-clock support you'll need to change your bad habits, break down mental barriers and learn lifelong skills that that will empower you to maintain a healthy body and strong mind for the rest of your life.

Eric is a personal trainer like no other! His knowledge of biomechanics and nutrition always amazes me and he takes the time to really explain how each exercise will improve you. Whether you have muscle imbalance, joint mobility issues, or want to get in the best shape of your life, Eric’s your man!

Stephen Crossan

Eric is a great PT that seems to truly love what he does. He always has time to stop and chat to help anyone with questions they have about fitness and is really enthusiastic about helping people develop and progress.

Clare Lancaster

Eric has been there for me through some tough times. Had it not been for him I would've given up going to the gym a long time ago.

Kirsty Wilson

Eric will push you to the extreme to get the best possible results with every session, but you always enjoy it and it soon becomes clear that Eric knows exactly how far he can push without going too far.

Rick Sharpe

Eric is always approachable & helpful and his experience really shows In the way that he not only instructs but explains all aspects of any workout thoroughly

Anna French-Leith

I've been training with Eric for almost a year and a half and never did I imagine that one person could change your life in so many ways. Eric has not only helped changed how I look physically but deserves so much recognition for how he has helped me both mentally and emotionally too. 

Morgan McKenna

Eric has an amazing talent for just watching you move and knowing exactly where the problem is - and how to fix it. I LOVE my training program and from the bodybuilding/weight loss perspective I think I'm probably looking and performing better at 54 than I ever have in my life

Susan Westlake

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What My Clients Say

Couple & Group Sessions Available

If you prefer working out with friends or a loved one, or if you want to split the cost of your training then I'm very happy to teach groups or couples together. 

Get in touch, tell me all about our goals, needs and circumstances and I'll come up with the perfect solution for you!


Some people find that online training better suits their needs. Benefits include:

Flexibility - train when and where you want.
(Perfect for busy mums or people with a hectic work and social life)


Afford-ability - the same bespoke training as you'd get in PT sessions, but at a fraction of the cost.

Mix and match online training  with regular PT sessions for the best of both worlds. 

Both training and nutrition can be taught effectively via online training. 


Regular scheduled meetings with me using either Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger and support and help whenever you need it. 



Muscular development

Strength & conditioning

Body recomposition

Look good for an event
(photo shoots, wedding, holiday etc.)

Contest prep
24/7 nutritional guidance

One off diet plans

Diet plans tailored to your lifestyle

Transformation Packages
(Everything you need to reach your full potential)

Photo-shoot & Training Packages
Let me get you into the best shape of your life and organise a professional fitness photo-shoot for you.


Book a Free Consultation

I want to get outstanding results for all of my clients; I want you to train with me because you've done your homework and truly do believe that I'm the perfect trainer for you.

For my part, I only want clients that are serious about making a commitment to their training.  I don't take on clients for the sake of it; I want to be sure that they will succeed in reaching their goals. I don't care how badly out of shape you are now - I just want to know that you'll trust me, work hard and follow my advice. If you can do that, then no matter how tough the challenges you will succeed. 

This is why I offer all prospective clients a free consultation. I want you to have every opportunity to ask questions and obtain the information you need to make an informed decision. 

If we both think we can work together then I'll need to know all about your training history, health and your support circle; I need to know where the problem areas are so I can create a plan that will ensure your success. This process can take up to an hour. 

Take the first step today