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Kirsty's Story

I loved training with Eric and only stopped when he moved to a different gym. He really knows his stuff. He's not only interested in the big compound movements but the exercises for the smaller muscles are just as important. He has taught me a lot about diet and he never gave me anything he hasn't already tried before. He pushed me knowing how far I could go even when I doubted myself.

He has been there for me through some tough times, not least of all when I broke my ankle. He came to my house to visit and encouraged me to get back to the gym. When I was healed and ready he pushed me to conquer my fear of jumping/landing on my feet. Had it not been for Eric I think I would've given up going to the gym a long time ago. He's made me realise how important weights are in a workout, not just cardio. And I still hear his voice in my head when I eat something I shouldn't lol. He kept me motivated and the gym isn't the same without him.


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