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My passion for sport and fitness began with martial arts at the tender age of 10. By my teens I was obsessed with exploring the limits and possibilities of the human body; what it's capable of, what it can adapt to - and how to optimize it's adaptation!

This fascination led towards my career as a Personal Trainer; I am passionate about sculpting and building strong, functional, aesthetically pleasing bodies. I love working with motivated people and giving them self-belief, emotional support and the science-based tools they need to turn them into the best version of themselves. I use my own body as my 'lab' to explore the training possibilities; having just turned 40 I'm keen to explore what's possible as you age. I use the latest research to help guide my decisions, but never follow it blindly. 
I believe the human body should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing; I work on both, with aesthetics having a slight edge. I am a competitive Natural bodybuilder and complement my body sculpting training with calisthenics. 

On Stage at the UKDFBA UK International Finals
A Typical Calisthenics Workout


CYQ  Level 3 Advanced Personal Training

IFBB Fitness and Bodybuilding Instructor/coach

NESTA  Certified Biomechanics Specialist

I also have a First Aid Certificate and valid Public liability and indemnity insurance

Sporting Experience

Black Belt in Ju Jitsu

Black Belt in Kali Arnis Eskrima

46 Fights in Muay Thai

Competitive Natural Bodybuilder

Keen Interest in Calisthenics

Eric Pullup
Eric Bodybuilding Pose
Eric Natural Bodybuilder
Eric Ring Dips
Eric Training
Pullup Shot

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